Well over a decade ago, during my sophomore year in college at Liberty University, I was led to Psalm 13 where David expresses life’s frustrations, but remembers the faithfulness of God. I remember how God was dealing with me regarding my personal relationship with Him and I knew my next steps were to start hiding His word in my heart (Psalm 119:11).

The year before, I discovered that I loved songwriting…so I decided that Psalm 13 needed a melody. Jon, my best friend in college, sat down at the piano in prayer chapel and figured out the chords for this new melody I sang to him. “Psalm 13“ended up being a song that I was given the opportunity to share with the entire student body at LU during convocation.

Here recently, due to a number of things, God had me revisit this psalm and since i’ve been in full-time ministry, verse 6 has been one of my life verses. Here, David says “I will sing unto the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me.” In meditating on that scripture, God gave me another melody for a new chant simply entitled “Bountifully”!

When I looked up different bible versions of verse 6, I noticed that some of them…like the NIV…replaced the words “dealt bountifully with me” with “been good to me”! Yes MANY scriptures declare that the Lord is good, but it looks like David was trying to communicate something more. The definition of “bountifully” means for someone to be dealt with according to what they deserve. I know what I deserve and it is NOT eternal life and favor.  “Bountifully” in Psalm 13:6 means that God actually deals with us according to His grace and mercy which also means He is more than good. (Good=enough; Bountifully=more than enough)

Suggest prayer: Lord, thank You for the infinite grace and mercy that You provide. You continue to deal with me according to Your love and favor in my life. Help me to realize how faithful You are during life’s storms. Lord, please continually remind us that You are and will always be more than enough.